Service Programs

Before Covid-19, most of our sharpening was done in-home where we would sharpen all of your knives, send in anything that would need to get sent in for factory repair or replacement, teach you the proper uses of your knives and some knife care tips, make sure your account is up to date for the forever guarantee, and then update you on the new customer-preferred programs that Cutco has to offer. And now we just do all of this virtually via zoom. Here are a couple of options you have.

In-Person Programs

Local Service Events

This is where we will be located at a local location (usually in a hotel meeting/conference room) and you come in and bring all of your Cutco knives and any other products you'd want to be serviced or sent in.

We will inspect and service your products on sight and if anything needs to get sent in we will send them in at this event for free (all you pay is return shipping).

We will have a full catalog display of all of our products for you to look at while we get your knives sharpened and I will take you through our new customer-preferred programs while we wait.

For your safety, we are required to wear a face-covering such as a facemask or a face shield or both.

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A Few Notes...

All virtual & in-person options above are FREE.

No purchase is required to take advantage of either of these options.

A typical appointment will run 60-90 mins dependent on the situation at hand.

We recommend having your partner with you for a premier learning (and fun) experience.

You always have the option of sending in your knives directly to the factory as well which usually takes 2-3 few weeks and all you pay is shipping there and back (Est. $20). See below for more info.

Want to send your Cutco products into the factory?

Yes, as part of your "Forever Guarantee", Cutco will sharpen your knives for free!! You can click on THIS LINK, and fill out the form. You can pre-pay the shipping and print out a shipping label. Then, just wrap your knives in newspaper (or put the cardboard sheaths back on them, that they were shipped to you in), place them in a small box, affix the shipping label to it, and hand it to your mailman! The Factory will service them and send them back to you - usually a 2-4 week turnaround time. 

Stay Sharp & God Bless!!

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